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Honest Review of Augusta Gold IRA

If you’re looking to invest in gold to secure a better future, it’s best to be in partnership with the most reputable company out there. Let's find out if Augusta is it.

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Precious Metals Gold IRA

Augusta will make an impression on you from the start. There will be discussions on past and current economic trends that will be very informative and helpful in deciding if investing in precious metals is right for you. You can discuss your concerns with them as they are very patient with clients. You are also under no obligation to invest and they make it clear that they are available to help you if you wish to do so.

They provide both cash and precious metal IRAs and you have many options for depositories to hold precious metals as they have many custodian options. Their clients also get lifetime support on their investments.

Their agents will assist you in purchasing gold or silver for shipping home, as well as to use in your IRA. It is well-known for its custodian and storage options. You can have your own self-directed IRA set up by the company. The company can send IRS-approved valuable materials to bank depositories. It also offers cash purchases if you would prefer cash delivery.

Why Choose Augusta?

This is a gold company that stands out because of its superior knowledge and experience in precious metals. It is a specialist in gold IRAs.

  • Customer Service

  • This company is well-known for its exceptional customer service and willingness to spend time with customers. The company has a simplified gold IRA process that is easy and assigns a personal agent to every customer with 95% work done for you, whether your account is set up in an IRA or as a cash account. Augusta pre-selects the most popular precious metals products for very affordable prices. Amazingly, there have been no complaints to the BBB about this company. On consumer sites, you can find many outstanding customer reviews.

  • Total transparency

  • Augusta has a lot of information to share about her company. The website has solid information. There are no hidden charges, they keep you updated on your transaction's status and can answer any questions. TrustLink voted Augusta "most trusted" in the U.S. for multiple years and named her "best of" several times.

  • Know-how and expertise

  • Augusta's silver and gold agents can help you create a portfolio of precious metals that best meets your needs. A team of economists from Augusta, headed by a Harvard-trained economist on staff, will be available to you for as long as your account is open. The company is known for its customer loyalty and continued business. They serve customers with integrity and transparency and are proud to sell precious metals. One of these customers is Joe Montana, a hall of fame quarterback. He sought advice from his financial advisers to best protect his retirement funds after the 2008 economic crisis. He suggested gold so they sent them out to search for the best U.S. gold company.

    What Products & Services Augusta Offers

    Augusta's products are investment vehicles that are centered around precious metals. Historically, Augusta has prided itself on helping its clients diversify their portfolios

    When the economy is so volatile, it's not surprising that they're playing a leading role in helping families plan for the future ahead.

    The company's specialty products include:

  • Gold IRAs

  • In order to roll over a pre-existing 401K with a gold IRA, individuals must self-fund it. In simple terms, the market for fiat currency is less valuable.

  • Silver IRAs

  • The same as a gold IRA, but with silver funding and backing.

  • Purchases of silver and gold bullion coins:

  • This is an option that allows individuals to accumulate silver and gold coins as they increase in value. Oftentimes, people will wait until the value of this account rises before transferring money into a gold or silver IRA.

  • Precious metals storage services

  • Augusta sells silver and gold coins as well as offers storage services for these coins. Customers can view a map of the storage facilities on their website to determine if they are interested in using them.

  • Cash purchases of precious metals

  • If you do not wish to have it stored on-site with Augusta, you can have it delivered to your home discreetly and securely.

    Some of the most common coins...

    American Eagle Proof

    American Eagle Proof

    Royal Mint Gold Lunar Series coins

    Royal Mint Gold Lunar Series coins

    Bald Eagle

    Bald Eagle

    Gold American Bald Eagle

    Gold American Bald Eagle

    Walking Liberty Half Dollar

    Walking Liberty Half Dollar

    2017 Royal Canadian Mint

    2017 Royal Canadian Mint

    Mercury Dime

    Mercury Dime

    John F. kennedy Half Dollar

    John F. kennedy Half Dollar

    Saints Gaudens

    Saints Gaudens

    2022 St. Helena Gold Sovereign

    2022 St. Helena Gold Sovereign

    2017 Royal Canadian Mint .25oz Gold Eagle

    2017 Royal Canadian Mint .25oz Gold Eagle

    2016 .25oz British Gold Standard

    2016 .25oz British Gold Standard

    Complete list of products

    You can purchase the following types of GOLD:

  • American Eagle

  • Credit and Pamp Suisse Bars

  • Canadian Gold Maple Leafs

  • American Buffalos

  • You can purchase the following types of SILVER:

  • Canadian Maple Leafs

  • American Silver Eagle

  • Australian Koalas

  • Invest In Silver

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    Is Augusta precious metals legit?

    The Better Business Bureau has rated Augusta A+. BCA awarded the company the highest level of excellence, AAA.

    This company should be your first choice for customer service or gold IRAs. They have a friendly, well-informed staff that is easy to communicate with, are knowledgeable and honest. They will address all your questions and present the best options for you.

    Their employees are trustworthy, honest, and highly knowledgeable. They won't "suck" you into anything. Instead, they will just give the facts and not try to push. They're the real deal. Their ads are elegant, classy, and trustworthy. This tells us a lot about the company. Augusta is the real deal. They are trustworthy. You should explore Augusta's options if you are thinking of buying silver and gold.

    Augusta Fees

    In determining the price for bullion and coins from Augusta, we use current silver and gold spot prices, as well as market rates for premium coins. As with any investment asset, precious metals' prices fluctuate depending on many factors.

    Unlike some gold companies, Augusta is very transparent about how much it charges over cost and market prices. You will not be charged hidden fees and commissions. You must have up to $50,000 in pension funds to qualify for Augusta's services.

    The prices offered by Augusta are often cited in reviews as competitive by Augusta's customers. In addition to free transit insurance and shipping for orders qualified by Augusta, bullion coins are priced about 5% over the company's actual cost.

    A physical precious metals IRA can be purchased for a reasonable cost from the company, including the cost of purchasing silver and gold, plus storage fees. To set up an IRA, you must use a custodian (as required by the IRS). An account setup fee of $50 is charged to the custodian.

    The custodian and the depository each charge an annual fee of $80 and $100, respectively. Request lifetime fees.

    In a gold or silver IRA, the precious metals you purchase are held in a secure depository that stores precious metals in their physical form. Certified by PCGS and NGC, all coins come with a certificate of authenticity.

    About Augusta

    With over 20 years of experience, This is the gold IRA provider that you can trust. You have access to a team of precious metals professionals for the life of your account. By diversifying and protecting your savings with IRA gold and silver coins, Augusta can help you gain peace of mind. We can show you why gold and silver are so popular. We would love to help you with your gold IRA.

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    Final thoughts

    Augusta (gold) Precious Metals is a dependable partner for individuals looking to diversify their retirement portfolio with gold or silver IRAs. In addition to providing exceptional customer service, Augusta offers educational resources to help investors diversify their portfolios with gold and other precious metals. Furthermore, the company offers a waiver of the first year's IRA fees and a great buyback program. Consider opening a gold or silver IRA today

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    Invest in Silver IRA Today with Augusta And Secure Your Retirement

    In the silver IRA market, this precious metals company has nearly a half century of experience helping you to balance your retirement savings.

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